Monday News!

You might be saying, “wait, it’s not Sunday!” and you’d be right. But I have exciting news to share that I decided was worthy of a break with tradition by way of a Monday post.
And you may be wondering why there is a picture of a snowy night when we’ve finally emerged from the dark, cold winter and are enjoying the sights and smells of spring.
A while back, while shoveling one wintry night, a childhood memory came to me and I wrote about it. It involved my father, a snowstorm, and, well, maybe you want to read it yourself.
I submitted the story months ago, and today it was published on the website, a site dedicated to telling stories that encourage fathers to be present and involved in the lives of their children. I hope our family memory inspires other fathers to see opportunity for joy, even in the most trying circumstances.
Here’s the beginning:
The snow was falling in miniature but unrelenting flakes that accumulated faster than seemed possible. As we drove home, lawns rapidly disappeared, followed by sidewalks and then streets. Plows dropped their shovels with clangs that startled, even when you saw it happen.
My father slowed the car to a crawl. The headlights glared off the onslaught, compromising instead of providing visibility.
He had both hands on the steering wheel and leaned forward, leaving a gap between his coat and the seat. An unnamed tension sat like a fifth passenger in the silent car.
Putting the car in first gear, he jockeyed the delicate balance of clutch and brake while we inched downhill toward our house.
The right hand turn into our driveway proved impossible however,….. (click here to continue reading)

  • Steph
    April 24, 2017

    Congratulations Jo-Ann!! That’s a great memory of your father and it’s so nice that other readers can enjoy it, too!

    • Jo-Ann
      April 24, 2017

      Thank you Steph! It is exciting but I do hope the story speaks to the heart of some Dad that could benefit from it. Thanks for reading and for your support!

  • Jess
    April 24, 2017

    Congrats! That’s so awesome! Heading over to the website to read now 🙂

    • Jo-Ann
      April 27, 2017

      Thanks Jess! It’s rewarding to think a childhood memory could help inspire other fathers to be more involved with their own children. Thanks for reading!

  • maureen Worden
    April 27, 2017

    Congratulations!! As the daughter of a hard working man of few words and the wife of a task master with a propensity for mischief, I love, love, love this story!

    • Jo-Ann
      April 30, 2017

      I love that – “a propensity for mischief”! That was my Dad in a nutshell. Didn’t realize Randy was a mischief maker too! Thanks as always for reading. 😊

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