Hit Pause

I’m drowning.
I’ll spare you the details about all the things occupying my thoughts these days but suffice it to say my brain is in overdrive contemplating multiple lists of things to decide, buy, do and arrange.
I turn out the light at night, and easily slip into planning the next day’s agenda, organizing the day before the present one is even over.
And then there’s email. I can’t stay ahead of it or even on top of it. I delete dozens and dozens of emails everyday. I’ve unsubscribed from many and turned off notifications. But there’s still simply too much information to process.
But that’s a topic for another post.
In reality, there is only one thing Christians should be thinking about this week. Today.
“Be still” (Psalm 46:10) is a command I often forget. But it’s one I need. Especially today. Every other thought needs to be turned off. Silence inside our heads and outside our bodies must reign so that we can appreciate the meaning of this week.
Friday marked the supreme sacrifice that resulted in the forgiveness of sins and the assurance of a future with God. Forever. The greatest of gifts bestowed at the highest price.
Today marks the victory of life over death. Love over hate. Goodness over evil. Redemption.
Our lives purchased at a cost we could never imagine. And all we have to do is believe and follow.
So if you are reading this at the end of a day filled with family, food, chocolate bunnies, and egg hunts, take a moment, and hit pause.
And remember.
What He endured. For us.
What He suffered. For us.
How He died. For us.
And best of all; that He lives.
Nothing else really matters as much as that.
Happy Easter to you and your family.

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