Pulling Into the Slow Lane

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Every once in a while, it’s necessary to stop and evaluate whether the path you’re on is taking you where you want to go.
As many of you know, I am a Speech-Language Pathologist by day. I work with young children to develop their communication skills.
After a student learns something new, my job is to give the child every opportunity to use the new skill instead of the old. In speech therapist lingo, we don’t want the student to “practice error”.
As therapists, we don’t want error patterns to become habituated.
As writers, we can also develop bad habits and then practice our mistakes. It’s better to learn a skill well the first time, rather than trying to undo flawed practices.
Since I’m relatively new to blogging, I know now is the time to focus on improving my writing skills, rather than continue to make the same mistakes week after week.
So, after 7 months and about 30 posts (which, by the way, is nothing in the blogging world), I’ve decided to commit to a writing program to improve my skills.
As a result of this decision, I foresee one likely possibility, and hope for another.
First, I may not continue to post every Sunday. There are only so many hours in a day after the non-negotiable tasks are completed. I’m anticipating that some time allocated for writing will be spent doing assignments or listening to training podcasts instead of composing blog posts.
Second, my hope is that the posts I do publish show what I’ve learned. My desire is to write words that touch the heart, stimulate the mind, and join us in a community of shared experiences. Of uncovered truths. Of mutual failings and triumphs.
So, although it may seem like I’ve pulled into the slow lane because you’ll be receiving fewer posts, it’s only to accommodate the construction happening on the shoulder.
But make no mistake; I am committed to this journey and hope you are along with me for the ride!

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